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Michael Kirby -

A freelance digital designer specialising in crafting beautiful icons

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Mike is a real professional. He just gets it. He has a real ambition to succeed, focussed on surpassing expectations. His attitude is rare; you can feel he is truly striving to do the best he can, offering tweaks and ideas until the process is complete. Overall, my experience was flawless: great design, great communication. I couldn't recommend Mike enough. - Guillaume Devinat
Mike was a real please to work with. He's extremely skilled and has a fantastic artistic style. He's able to draft a great idea based off of your brief and work with you to tweak it until it looks just like you want it. Having the ability to come up with something that I never would have thought of was a huge win - I don't always know exactly what I want. His attention to detail is on another level. Highly recommend. - David McGraw, ethanael
I was very impressed with how Mike was able to combine several elements that I wanted to develop an original and streamlined design. The icon is stunning, fun...just what I wanted.
I was very pleased with the work Mike did for my icon. I felt like his work was out of this world in quality...It was amazing.
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